My Stories

I have been writing – seriously – for about two years now.  I love writing for the MG/tween age group. You never know what will come out of their mouths.  Sarcasm and humor is ever-present with these kids!

Hike Up Devil’s Mountain was my first story  that was picked up by Solstice Publishing.  It’s a novella about 3 kids who find themselves in a world of trouble and their only hope lives on Devil’s Mountain.  This story comes in eBook and print.

Billy Cooper’s Awesome Nightmare, Book 1 of the Wickware Sagas, was picked up by MuseItUp Publishing.  What happens when a seventh grader from 2012, meets a historical legend from the 14th Century.  Lots of adventure and surprises.  This story is only in eBook form.

Ride of a Lifetime, Book 2 of the Wickware Sagas, is about a bully in the seventh grade, who learns a little humility and gains a lot of pride, when he finds himself face to face with the female version of Paul Revere.

Flash to the Past, Book 3 of the Wickware Sagas, has a popular, 7th grade girl and the nerdy brainiac boy, back in the 18 century, where they meet up with a heroine in the Revolutionary War.

A Float Down the Canal is about a seventh grade girl who is the underdog in this story.  Her worst day ever becomes a day she will never forget and it all starts with A Float Down the Canal!  This story is only in eBook form.

Solar – One Family’s Reality is my only non-fiction story.  It’s our own story of our trip down Solar Lane and the adjustments that we have had to make to be green!  This story is only in eBook form.

I also write for YA/adults under the pen name, P. A. Estelle.  At What Price is a contemporary drama about a grandmother who steps up to take care of her six year old granddaughter that has been abandoned.  What lengths will a grandmother go to save the ones she loves?

My latest book, Her Cracked Heart, is my first romance.  Will this young woman take a chance on love and a ready-made family, or will the ghosts of her past, keep her bitter and alone?